Fauci Unloads Over Trump-Era Frustrations: ‘Science Was Distorted and/or Rejected… I Had Pressure Put on Me, But I Resisted It’


Dr. Anthony Fauci has made no secret of the fact that he feels very relieved that he is now serving under a different administration.

He got more specific in an interview Friday night with Rachel Maddow, who said while she has complete faith in Fauci and other medical professionals in government, it alarmed her to see reports about the pressures applied to the CDC during the pandemic that were at odds with best practices and what most experts were recommending.

Fauci bluntly said, “We had a situation where science was distorted and/or rejected. And a lot of pressure was put on individuals and organizations to do things that were not directly related to what their best opinion would be, vis-a-vis the science.”

“I had pressure put on me, but I resisted it,” he added.

Fauci openly acknowledged the problem of not wanting to contradict a president and people around him who were “saying things that just were not consistent with the science.”

“I didn’t want to be at odds with the president, because I have a lot of respect for the office of the presidency. But there was conflict at different levels with different people and different organizations, and a lot of pressure being put on to do things that just are not capable with the science,” he continued, even describing it to Maddow as “chilling.”

You can watch above, via MSNBC.

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