FBN’s Kennedy Trashes Dem Over FISA Memo: ‘Adam Schiff is a Boob And a Grandstander’


FBN’s Kennedy is apparently no fan of Rep. Adam Schiff, as she had tough words for the California Democrat on her show Tuesday night.

Kennedy held a segment on the much-hyped and still-classified “FISA Memo” that has been stirring the loins of conservatives all this week, as it purports to expose FBI and Justice Department abuses related to the Fusion GPS dossier and illicit surveillance warrants obtained by the Obama administration.

Kennedy pointed out that Democrats like Schiff have dismissed the memo as a Republican attempt to undermine the special investigation into President Donald Trump’s campaign ties to Russia.

Former CIA officer Buck Sexton joined Kennedy to discuss the apparently scandalous memo, but he threw some cold water on expectations of a “smoking gun” to be contained in the four-page memo compiled by Rep. Devin Nunes and other Republican congressmen.

“I don’t think this is going to be the smoking gun, gotcha moment that people are being led to believe this is going to be,” Sexton noted.

Kennedy then asked why Democratic lawmakers aren’t checking out the memo for themselves to determine that it’s actually a Republican smokescreen — before unleashing on Schiff for his comments about the document.

“I don’t believe Adam Schiff,” Kennedy declared emphatically. “Adam Schiff is a boob and a grandstander.”

“Yes,” Sexton replied.

“All he does is try to get attention,” Kennedy continued. “And he politicizes everything. You can’t get an objective, honest or rational word from him.”

Sexton noted that Democrats are probably avoiding the memo so as not to lend it legitimacy, before claiming that he is “hoping that [the memo] is what we are being led to believe right now” — in other words, he hopes the memo exposes scandalous abuses at the highest levels of the FBI and Justice Department that would undermine the Russia investigation.

Watch above, via Fox Business Network.

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