First Lady Melania Trump Is Now Telling the President to Accept His Loss, CNN Reports


On Sunday, CNN reported that First Lady Melania Trump is urging President Donald Trump to admit his reelection loss and give up his dispute with the 2020 results.

As Brian Stelter introduced his panel for Reliable Sources, he began by breaking news from the network’s DC bureau.

First Lady Melania Trump has joined the growing chorus of President Trump’s inner circle advising him the time has come for him to accept the loss. This is attributed to a source familiar with the conversations. She has offered it, this advice, she often does, says the source.

Abby Phillip was on the panel, and she reacted by noting CNN previously reported that Jared Kushner is also speaking to his father-in-law about concession. As she further remarked on the importance Trump places on input from his family, Phillip noted that Trump’s other family members are fighting the election results, and she figure that “we may be a ways away from hearing from President Trump still.”

Stelter also had ABC’s Jon Karl on for the discussion, which comes shortly after the latter reported that Trump’s family and inner circle are “fully aware” that it’s over for him, and now they have to decide how they will leave the White House.

Watch above, via CNN.

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