Flake and Coons Say Kavanaugh Was Too ‘Partisan’ in Testimony: ‘Belligerent, Aggressive, Angry’


Senators Chris Coons and Jeff Flake are set to appear for an interview on 60 Minutes, and in a preview released Sunday morning, they weighed in on Brett Kavanaugh‘s furious testimony before the Judiciary Committee.

It was Flake’s last minute decision to call for an FBI investigation into the allegations against Kavanaugh that postponed his nomination for a week. The Arizona Republican consulted with Coons, his friend and a Democrat from Delaware, before making his decision that rankled many Republicans on the committee.

60 Minutes host Scott Pelley asked what Kavanaugh’s angry testimony says about his “judicial temperament.” Pelley asked the senators: “Does this man belong on the Supreme Court?”

“If I were unjustly accused, that’s how I would feel, as well,” Flake said, though he conceded that Kavanaugh’s interactions with some senators “was a little too sharp.”

Coons was more scathing in his critique. The Democrat said Kavanaugh’s exchanges with Sens. Dianne Feinstein and Amy Klobuchar “went over the line.”

“He was belligerent, aggressive, angry, and I thought there was a tough dynamic there,” Coons said. The senator added that part of him thought “this is a man who believes that he did nothing wrong, and he is completely unjustly accused and he is being railroaded and he is furious about it.”

Coons continued that he was surprised to hear some of Kavanaugh’s more partisan lines — like his claim that the allegations against him were a plot for “revenge on behalf of the Clintons” — that “made me wonder about his suitability to serve on the bench.”

“That part that he talked about the Clintons I didn’t like either,” Flake said. “It seemed partisan. “But boy, I’d have to put myself in that spot, you’ve got to give a little leeway there.

60 Minutes airs Sunday at 7:30 p.m. EST.

Watch above, via CBS News.

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