Fmr CIA Director John Brennan Says U.S. Is Battling ‘Fascist Tendencies’ and ‘Nativist Instincts Donald Trump Harbors’


Former CIA director John Brennan railed against the “fascist tendencies” and “nativist instincts” shared by President Donald Trump in a CNN interview Friday.

During a Friday segment, CNN’s Brianna Keilar asked Brennan about Senator-elect Tommy Tuberville talking about World War II and talking about it as a fight against socialism and communism.

“He clearly needs a history lesson,” Keilar remarked.

Brennan suggested there should be some kind of “civics test” people would have to take to be “qualified to run for office,” and said there are people in government “all the way up to the White House who have no conception of this country’s great history.”

Keilar agreed and said it’s important to understand America’s history and the fight against fascism decades ago.

“I think we’re right now battling some fascist tendencies amongst some people,” Brennan said, “Highly nativist tendencies and instincts that I think Donald Trump harbors and has shown.”

“What we have seen happen around the globe over the last hundred years or so, I think we see elements of it here in the states, which is a very nativist, xenophobic, and in some respects movements that are prone to lashing out and suppressing the views, the interests, of others in their country,” he added.

You can watch above, via CNN.

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