Former DNI Director James Clapper: If I Were Dan Coats ‘I Would Resign in a Heartbeat’ After Trump’s Presser


Former DNI director James Clapper has a hard time seeing how Dan Coats can stay in his job after Donald Trump undermined him during his press conference with Vladimir Putin.

When the president sided with Russia yesterday instead of the findings from the American intelligence community, Coats released a statement saying he stands by the assessment that Russia did interfere with 2016 presidential election. To that point, Alisyn Camerota asked Clapper what he thought about how the CIA and other intelligence workers must feel after Trump dismissed their findings while comparing America to Russia.

“Some have suggested that the leaders of the Intel community, for instance, Dan coats, should stand on principle and resign. Do you feel that way?” Camerota asked.

Clapper’s answer:

“There times when I considered that when I was serving as DNI? And what you have to balance is am I doing more good by leaving and re-enforcing a principle? Or do I do more harm if I leave? And so I’m sure that Dan Coats – I would be very surprised if he is not going through that calculus himself right now…That is a personal decision up to him. If it were me…I would resign in a heartbeat, particularly after being publicly thrown under the bus internationally, thrown under the bus by the president.”

Clapper continued to express disbelief over the Trump-Putin summit, he also said people ought to be concerned about what the president might’ve said to his Russian counterpart during their private meeting before the press conference.

“I’m still trying to get my head around what I witnessed, which is just unbelievable,” said Clapper. “I cannot get over it. In that single session, what the president did to diminish the stature and standing of the United States.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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