Former Ice Director Tells Fox & Friends He Wanted to Issue a ‘Beating’ to Latino Rep at House Hearing


Former ICE Director and Fox News contributor Tom Homan appeared on Fox & Friends Monday morning to discuss the emotional and contentious House Hearing he testified before late last week. The hearing focused on the controversial zero-tolerance immigration border policy that has included separation of families and has also seen the death of numerous children in U.S. custody.

Homan revealed in a Monday morning appearance that the accusation put forth by Rep. Jesus Garcia (D – IL) that he was racist and didn’t care about dying children made his blood boil so much that he considered stepping up from his table to issue a “beating” to the Congressman of Latino descent.

The specific clip was aired in a tease to the coming segment before a commercial break, which opened with Homan’s commentary. Host Brian Kilmeade asked his guest, “Tom, have you calmed down yet from that hearing?”

Homan replied, “I did until you just showed that clip of someone calling me a racist us. And said I didn’t care about dying children. That’s when I broke. That’s when I — if you notice, I hesitated a minute before I started yelling because I actually think about getting up and throwing that man a beating right there in the middle of the room because when you tell somebody that spent their career saving lives that I don’t care about dying children and I’m a racist. That’s where I broke and I had enough.”

Watch above via Fox News.


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