Former Prosecutor on Fox News: Don Jr. and Others Should Be ‘Having a Nervous Night Tonight’


After the big Michael Cohen news today, others in President Donald Trump‘s orbit should be nervous. That’s the takeaway from one former federal prosecutor who spoke with Fox News’ Shepard Smith this afternoon.

Jeffrey Cramer said, “Donald Trump had some of these interactions as a private developer, not really shocking, I think you’d see that in a lot of large real estate transactions. But as we transition now to him being President of the United States, it certainly takes a heightened interest. When you throw in the Russians, it throws it even more into the spotlight and I think is going to connect to that Trump Tower meeting.”

Smith asked him if there are others, “within the Trump family even,” who should be concerned that Mueller is indicting people for lying.

Cramer said yes, noting Cohen said “there’s others in the Trump Organization that knew about the time period when the conversations were going on and were aware that a trip to Russia was discussed with then-candidate Donald Trump.”

“So if you’re one of those people in the Trump Organization who has talked to either Mr. Mueller or a congressional hearing,” he continued, “and you toed the line––in other words, you said the same lies that Mr. Cohen did––I think you’re having a nervous night tonight.”

Smith asked specifically, “Are you referring to Donald Trump Jr. or others?”

Cramer said, “I think Donald Trump Jr. is certainly one. That’s a logical inference.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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