Fox & Friends Addresses False Comey Memo Report: ‘We Were Mistaken’


Fox & Friends reported yesterday that former FBI Director James Comey had leaked classified information in a memo he had written to memorialize a meeting with President Trump, which he then passed on to a friend to leak to the press. Trump, a self-described big fan of Fox & Friends, seemed delighted in this news and amplified it with this tweet:

Except it turns out that it wasn’t true.

As we wrote in a few posts yesterday, turns out that there is no evidence that anything in the memo that was classified. In fact, Comey specifically said during testimony that he had not leaked any classified information, though until that memo is released publicly, we may never know. As the political media world began to take note, many eyes turned to Fox & Friends for furthering what appears to be a false report.

Well co-host Steve Doocy addressed with the following statement:

Yesterday on this program we aired and tweeted this story saying former FBI director James Comey leaked memos containing top secret information. We were mistaken in that according to the report half of the information in the report clarified secret or classified level not top secret. Documents in which Mr. Comey leaked are at this point unclear. Just wanted to straighten that out.

The amount of time spent on this correction? 26 total seconds. And the phrasing seems awkward, but the key line is “Documents in which Mr. Comey leaked are at this point unclear.” No apology, just a desire to “straighten that out.”

One wonders what might have happened at a fellow cable outlet had they falsely reported that a former FBI Director had feloniously release by comparison.*

Watch the clip above courtesy of Fox News.



*Nobody is wondering

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