Mika Brzezinski Explains Trump Cabinet Willingness to Defend Indefensible: ‘They’re Under a Spell!’

Ending off hour one, the cast of Morning Joe took a strange digression into that bizarre interview Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin gave to ABC’s This Week.

You may recall that Trump scrapped his idea of working with Russia on cybersecurity just hours after suggesting it on Twitter (and after Mnuchin heartily went to bat for it on ABC.)

Apropos of nothing, co-host Mika Brzezinski waded into some analysis of why a U.S. Treasury Secretary would defend an obviously unworkable policy which has nothing to do with his portfolio.

“There is a good question about Steven Mnuchin commenting on the president’s cyber security idea,” she said. “Is he under a spell?”

Council of Foreign Relations chief, Richard Haass demurred.

“It’s almost like the odd opening of the cabinet meeting. People feel compelled to regularly come out and essentially support the chief.

“They’re under a spell.” Brzezinski repeated.

“It was like that strange Tweet that Pence sent out when Trump was on his way home that was so fawning,” remarked show regular Katty Kay.

“They’re under a spell,” Brzezinski said a third time. Prompting laughter from Kay.

“It’s a spell.”

The show then pivoted back to Scarborough’s big story — how stupid is Donald Trump Jr.

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