Fox & Friends Anchor Knocks Emmys For Not Inviting ‘Syrian Refugees in Tuxes’

Fox & Friends interviewed Mark Steyn, a conservative Canadian political commentator, the morning after Sunday night’s very-political Emmy Awards.

At the end of the interview, Fox News’ Steve Doocy asked Steyn about the recent London terror attack, in which a Syrian national is suspected of placing a “bucket bomb” on a London subway that injured scores of commuters.

Steyn claimed the attack has been “shrugged off,” before accusing the “entire Western political class” of being “committed to importing people, every day of the week, a proportion of whom want to kill us.”

The conservative commentator then praised Trump for his “instincts” during the 2016 election with regards to the “Syrian refugee problem.”

“The Western virtue signaling of upscale people in Hollywood, indicating that it would be really nice if America just took in some Syrian refugees,” Steyn continued. “As long as we don’t move them to Beverly Hills or Malibu or Martha’s Vineyard, they can go and be in your neighborhood.”

That’s when Pete Hegseth, Fox & Friends’ resident purveyor of tasteful commentary, joked that “there weren’t a lot of Syrian refugees in tuxes at the Emmys.”

“Not even for the seat fillers!” Steyn quipped.

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