Fox & Friends Explains Reported Concealing of Putin Meeting Notes: Trump ‘Simply Didn’t Like Leaks’


Fox & Friends covered two bombshell reports that were published over the weekend and predictably painted in the most favorable light of “media bias” against President Donald Trump.

The NY Times reported Friday details of how the FBI was so alarmed by the Trump’s behavior, particularly after firing former FBI Director James Comey, they launched a counter-intelligence investigation into whether Trump was either somehow compromised by the Russians or working with Vladimir Putin at a risk to national security.

The Washinton Post published a report on Saturday that detailed how careful President Trump has been in concealing notes from his many personal meetings with Putin, suggesting of course that he may be trying to hide something. Trump and Putin met privately for two hours in Helsinki last year, the specifics of that discussion are still unknown.

Fox & Friends has a well-earned reputation for promoting the most favorable analysis and opinion to the Trump administration and this segment was no different.

Steve Doocy said of the WaPo report “As it turns out, the president simply didn’t like leaks,” before citing a past Washington Post report about details of Trump’s “private conversation with the Australian prime minister where he hung up 35 minutes later” as evidence of bias.

“Clearly, the president didn’t like leaks and to reiterate what a lot of people have said about this story since then,” Doocy reiterated, before adding “This is not a conventional president.”

Brian Kilmeade followed by pointing out that President Trump has met in private with various world leaders, saying “that’s the way he does things,” ignoring the fact that at issue is not the one on one meetings, but the lack of notes that come from those meetings.

Explaining the reported concealing notes of numerous private meetings with the Russian president is the most charitable explanation imaginable. President Trump, if viewing, must be pleased.

Watch above via Fox News.

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