Fox & Friends Goes Off After Mueller Report Submitted: What If It Shows Media’s Been ‘Yelling About Nonsense?’

The hosts of Fox & Friends went off Saturday morning on the completion of the Mueller investigation, with expectations it’s going to show Democrats got way ahead of themselves on this.

Pete Hegseth asked at what moment Robert Mueller said, “Oh, man, we don’t have anything. What do we do now?”

There was all this hype and all this stuff and all this dossier and then they looked into it and realized there was no collusion. And no obstruction,” he added.

Ed Henry cautioned that we haven’t actually seen the report yet, but knocked Democrats for “trying to move the goal posts” and comments a number of them have made about continuing investigations.

Regarding calls for the Mueller report to be made public, Katie Pavlich noted there’s been Republican calls for transparency too. Henry noted the likely national security redactions and said clearly Democrats want any information damaging to the Trump administration, even if it’s not criminal, out there.

“The argument from the beginning is there was Russian collusion. This is why the special counsel needed to be appointed,” Pavlich said. “It then moved to conspiracy and obstruction of justice and Democrats are now probably going to move to some other argument.”

They showed some of the reactions from other networks to the Mueller report’s completion before Hegseth said this:

“What happens when your savior becomes the absolver of your enemy? That’s what’s happening for them right now. Bob Mueller was going to bring the heat on the man they hate the most. And what if this report says no, actually, guys, you’ve spent 675 days yelling about nonsense, which some of us have said from the beginning, and now this report comes out. There’s a few things in there. A couple bad business dealings in the past, but ultimately Trump actually just won the election. They’ll go nuts.”

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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