Fox & Friends Guest: ‘Jim Clapper is an Idiot,’ Has a ‘Vacant Look’


Retired Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer called James Clapper “an idiot” on Fox & Friends Wednesday morning for his indictment of President Donald Trump’s rally in Phoenix, Arizona.

Clapper, the former Director of National Intelligence who has served under the four presidents preceding Trump, made a grave appearance on CNN following Trump’s Tuesday night rally, in which he called the president’s rambling 78-minute stream of consciousness speech “extremely disturbing” and questioned Trump’s “fitness” for office.

That charge did not sit well with Fox & Friends’ Brian Kilmeade who accused Clapper of never having “any energy.” (While Trump spent much of his Phoenix speech attacking the “sick” and “crooked” media, he lavished Kilmeade’s Fox News show with praise.)

“What a shot across the bow and an insult to the president!” Kilmeade lamented.

And Shaffer agreed.

“Apparently Jim Clapper is now a is a PhD in analyzing people remotely,” Shaffer quipped, before positing “Jim Clapper is an idiot.”

“I’ve briefed that man several times,” Shaffer continued. “When I briefed him on very complex operations, you can see this vacant look, he just doesn’t get stuff.”

Shaffer then accused Clapper of becoming “a political bot.”

“He actually just parrots what he’s been told,” said Shaffer. “In this case, I think he’s starting to roll out the new anti-Trump line, that he’s not fit to serve.”

“This is what the left has become all about,” Shaffer continued to opine. “It’s not about facts, it’s about ‘oh I think this may be this, I feel this way about it.'”

Kilmeade then suggested that Clapper could have leaked information to the press from his position at the Director National Intelligence.

“He knows a lot of secrets,” Kilmeade suggested.

Shaffer said that according to his information, one of Clapper’s deputies was a leaker, before noting Clapper has lied twice under oath.

Shaffer concluded with his theory that Clapper’s comment regarding Trump’s fitness for office is “a trial balloon to see how this narrative plays, because Russia didn’t work, and I don’t think this whole ‘Trump is a supremacist’ is working.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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