Trump Oddly Mocks the Media for Being Less ‘Elite’ Than He Is: ‘I Live In the White House’


President Donald Trump hosted a campaign-style rally event in Phoenix today and made clear who he feels is the real problem with his administration: the media. In a long and barely coherent portion of his speech (that appeared to be improvised and off-prompter) Trump took a strange turn in which he  appeared to ridicule the media for not being as “elite” as he is.

After talking about improved wages and an economy that is doing well, he randomly bragged “Now, you know, I was a good student,” adding “I always hear about the elite.” He then seemed to turn back to the media and said “You know, the elite. They’re elite. I went to better schools than they did. I was a better student than they were. I live in a bigger more beautiful apartment and I live in the White House too, which is really great.”

The billionaire New York Real Estate recently elected President of the United States felt it germane and important to brag to his audience — both in physical attendance and tuned in on television — that he’s a rich dude who went to a great school.

Not sure that resonated terribly well with his largely working class base, which Trump may have recognized when he added to his crowed “you know what? I think we’re the elites. They’re not the elites.”


Footage above courtesy of CNN.

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