Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld: ‘I Think It’s Time to Invade California and Arrest Jerry Brown!’

Earlier this week, California Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill that made California a sanctuary state as it provided protections for undocumented immigrants and is designed to push back against many of the Trump administration’s policies. The state policy goes into effect on the same day as the deadline for DACA recipients to request a two-year extension.

Well, as one would imagine, most of the hosts at Fox News’ The Five were none too happy with this action. And Greg Gutfeld really had some strong words for the governor.

After fellow hosts Kim Guilfoyle, Dana Perino, Marie Harf and Jason Chaffetz — yes, the ex-congressman turned Fox Newser — took their turns giving their opinions on the policy, Gutfeld weighed in by stating it was “politics run by animosity.”

“I know the word virtue signaling is getting old,” he declared. “This is one giant virtue signal by a state.”

Gutfeld went on to make a comparison to Russian election interference by claiming this was “illegal foreign influence on politics” because it was being done by “illegal aliens.” This then led him to make a snarky demand.

“I think it’s time to invade California and arrest Jerry Brown,” he declared. “How can he still be governor? He was governor when I was a kid, he’s governor now!”

When Harf said that it was a tough issue and that Brown’s dealing with millions of people, Gutfeld responded that they are elected to deal with those issues but not to “break laws.”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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