Fox News’ Judge Napolitano Calls Trump’s ‘Spygate’ Claims ‘Baseless’: There’s ‘No Evidence Whatsoever’


Judge Andrew Napolitano called Donald Trump’s “Spygate” — which is otherwise known as the allegation that an undercover FBI agent spied on the president’s 2016 campaign in an attempt to undermine it — a “baseless” claim with “no evidence” backing it.

Napolitano, who made the comments while appearing on The Story With Martha MacCallum today, explained why he thinks the evidence for “Spygate” is lacking with the following statement:

“The allegations by Mayor Giuliani over the weekend which would lead to us believe that the Trump people think that the FBI had an undercover agent who inveigled his way into the campaign and was there as a spy on the campaign seem to be baseless. There is no evidence for that whatsoever. But the other allegation about this professor whose name we are not supposed to mention, talking to people on the periphery of the campaign, that is standard operating procedure in intelligence gathering and in criminal investigations.”

The former judge continued by saying that if FBI’s investigation was rooted in a “nefarious” mission, like Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani has claimed, then he “would want to see evidence of that before I made an allegation that outrageous.”

As for Trump’s side of the story, he claims Stefan Halper, a British professor and former GOP political insider, worked with Barack Obama’s FBI in attempts to dig up dirt on his campaign in an attempt to help Democrat Hillary Clinton win the race. This allegation, however, is unfounded, as Halper was instead most likely working with officials to understand the extent of Russia’s election tampering and to see if anyone on Trump’s campaign was involved with the Kremlin.

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