Fox News’ Outnumbered Hosts Explode Over ‘Sleaziness’ of Iran Deal: ‘Don’t Point at Me!’


Democratic commentator Jessica Tarlov and Fox Business anchor Dagen McDowell got into an explosive argument over the Iran nuclear deal on Outnumbered Tuesday.

The conversation began when the panel discussed the allegation that President Barack Obama granted citizenship to 2,500 Iranians while negotiating the pact, and most were appalled by the action.

“We must never forget Iran does not want to be our partner,” said Republican strategist David Avella — the day’s #OneLuckyGuy. “They want to take everything they can from us. And every time we learn something new about this Iran deal, it only underscores why there is no outrage in this country that President [Donald] Trump wants to get out of this deal.”

“That hasn’t been confirmed,” Tarlov qualified.

“Oh Jessica, come on,” Avella replied.

“‘Oh Jessica, come on?'” Tarlov mocked. “What? Confirmation doesn’t matter now?”

“You go through that deal and tell me that it is a good deal for America,” he challenged.

“I wish General [David] Petraeus was sitting in my seat, or Madeleine Albright, or Henry Kissinger, or the number of people who have worked in those roles who have said this was a good deal,” Tarlov responded over crosstalk.

“Here’s what we do know about the sleaziness of this deal,” McDowell said, seething. “$1.7 billion in cash… sent in the middle of the night. $100 billion relayed to a state-sponsored terrorism.”

Tarlov tried to bring the conversation back to the topic at hand, the citizenship issue, but McDowell spoke over her and said: “Let me finish!”

“I got cut off first!” Tarlov yelled back.

After a little back-and-forth and an acknowledgement from Abby Huntsman that they could wait for a confirmation before tearing into the former president, Tarlov explained that the $1.7 billion was “returning Iranian cash.” McDowell jumped in, extending her index finger toward Tarlov, who warned: “Don’t point at me, Dagen!”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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