Fox News Panel Explodes Over Whether or Not Michael Cohen Will Flip: ‘Don’t Embarrass Yourself!’


There was a very spirited debate on Fox News about whether or not Michael Cohen was going to “flip” on his former client, President Donald Trump.

NRA TV host Dan Bongino mocked the excitement of Trump’s critics, comparing it to the speculation that Gen. Michael Flynn was going to flip on the president.

“We don’t know what’s going on in Michael Cohen’s head. Is he trying to cozy up to the media to get the media on his side for a public pressure campaign?” Bongino said. “This is clearly now an investigation into a person, not a crime. The investigation is into Donald Trump. They will do anything to get him. This has nothing to do with collusion, we know it because it was referred to the southern district from the special counsel. So they’re looking for Trump. They’re not looking for a crime.”

Democratic pundit Chris Hahn noted that since Cohen was Trump’s “fixer,” there’s “nobody in America” who knows the president better. And he got a strong reaction from Bongino after saying if Trump didn’t do anything wrong that no one should be “worried” about Cohen.

“Chris, I thought better of you. I mean this. Is this seriously gonna be the new liberal take?” Bongino asked Hahn. “Please, just don’t embarrass yourself in the media by continuing to say this… Are you serious? I’m sick of copouts-”

Bongino and Hahn then sparred in a shouting match that Laura Ingraham struggled to moderate.

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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