Fox News Political Editor: There’s ‘No Question’ Trump ‘Exploits Racial Animus’ for Political Advantage


Fox News politics editor Chris Stirewalt said on Special Report tonight that there’s no question President Donald Trump “exploits racial animus.”

Shannon Bream said of the president’s statement this morning, “He openly and forcefully and directly said he was denouncing white supremacy and these groups. That’s what so many people called on him to do and then I spent the rest of the day watching a number of his critics say that’s not enough.”

Steve Hilton ripped “a pundit on another network” scolding Trump for not talking about white supremacy when he did, arguing, “A lot of this is driven by the same old Trump hatred that we have seen all along.”

He said Trump should be commended for “striking the right tone” and for talking about “practical as hell” solutions.

A number of Democratic 2020 candidates have blasted Trump’s rhetoric before and after his comments today, with some saying his rhetoric inspires unstable people to get violent.

After the montage of those candidates ran, Bream said, “We know going into a presidential election it’s a heavy lift to get anything done on a bipartisan basis. Something of substance, not the smaller things but something this big on the hill.”

“Getting something put together on issues like this is next to impossible for those folks,” Stirewalt said.

He went on to say, “There is no question the president exploits racial animus for his political advantage going into 2020. He knows how to do it and he does it very effectively, as we just went through from the congressman from Maryland the ‘fab four.'”

“This isn’t about Donald Trump, it’s not about the presidency,” he added, “it’s not about the federal government, particularly, these are problems that have to be solved by individual Americans in their communities. Our fixation, worship of or hatred of the presidency — no president will fix this. None of those folks who were talking aren’t going to fix this. Donald Trump ain’t gonna fix it. The reality is Americans together have to fix it themselves.”

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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