Fox’s Baier Confronts Rand Paul Over Past Whistleblower Praise: Only Want to Protect ‘Whistleblowers You Like’?


Fox News anchor Bret Baier confronted Sen. Rand Paul with his past praise of government whistleblowers and pressed the Kentucky Republican on why he wouldn’t reveal the name of the Trump-Ukraine whistleblower if he so adamantly believes the person’s identity should be made public.

After Baier noted that whistleblowers are protected by law, Paul argued that, technically, the statute says only the Inspector General is barred from revealing the identity of whistleblowers. Therefore, it is not illegal for anyone else to publicize it.

“I don’t understand what prevents you from getting on the Senate floor, where you’re protected from all kinds of things, and giving a speech and saying the guy’s name?” Baier pressed.

“I know I can and I may. I could do it right now. Nothing stops me,” Paul asserted. “Other than I don’t want to make it about the one individual.” The Kentucky Senator then went on to, in fact, make it about the individual by claiming he or she is a “material witness” to alleged corruption by former Vice President Joe Biden.

“What about this concern about protecting whistleblowers overall; if you name this person, it suddenly jeopardizes other things.?” Baier asked, before showing  statements from 2014 by Paul and his father, former Congressmen Ron Paul, praising whistleblowers and their protection. “If those statements are true, why are you doing what you’re doing now?” Baier followed up.

“I agree completely,” Paul said, noting that he was referencing NSA leaker Edward Snowden in the videos , “So yes, the whistleblower statute should protect people.”

“Only the whistleblowers that you like?” Baier interjected.

“No, they should protect him, I want Edward Snowden protected so he’s not executed…” Paul replied.

“What about this guy?” Baier shot back, referencing the Trump-Ukraine whistleblower.

“I don’t want him executed either, I don’t think he should be fired,” Paul responded. “It’s a protection from being fired and not a protection to be anonymous particularly if it’s going to be a criminal case. Once you have a crime, there is a constitutional protection you have to confront your accuser. There are no exceptions to that. No court in the land will let there be a trial of President [Donald] Trump without him confronting his accusers. You should not be fired and this person shouldn’t be persecuted or put in jail. But this person should come forward like Snowden and reveal himself.”

Watch the video above, via Fox News. 

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