Fox’s Bill Hemmer Cuts Off New York Ida Briefing for Mentioning Climate Change: ‘Turned Political Quite Quickly’


Fox News anchor Bill Hemmer cut off a press briefing on the deadly flooding in the New York area because the officials mentioned climate change.

Hemmer and his co-anchor Dana Perino aired the New York press conference on Thursday, which provided an update on the state’s storm recovery efforts, but cut out of the briefing once officials placed the focus on climate change.

Following remarks and updates from New York officials Gov. Kathy Hochul (D), Sen. Chuck Schumer (D), and Mayor Bill de Blasio (D), Rep. Gregory Meeks (D) took the podium to warn against the “absolutely devastating” effects of the storm.

“Let me give my condolences to the family members, to the friends, relatives, the neighbors on this block who have to be devastated,” Meeks said. “One day it’s a beautiful day and we know that in Queens neighborhoods are families. Block associations, working together. Neighbors protecting neighbors’ homes. This is absolutely devastating. And my heart reaches out to each and every one on this block and in this family. A mother, a son gone from us because of climate change and these record storms.”

Meeks went on to say the floods were a result of a “once in 500 year” storm, lamenting that these once unprecedented climate disasters have become “a regular matter.”

After the representative thanked Hochul and de Blasio for their “instantaneous” response to the flooding, Meeks ensured viewers that the House and Senate are working to bring resources to New York City.

That’s when Hemmer cut away from the briefing, protesting that it “turned political quite quickly.”

“Didn’t take long to put the focus on quote, unquote climate change here in New York,” he added.

Other than Hemmer’s objection to the briefing, climate change was not mentioned during the two hour Fox News morning show.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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