Fox’s Neil Cavuto Reads Hate Mail From Viewers Enraged By His Trump Coverage: ‘Tubby’s Still Here!’


Devoting nearly ten minutes of his show to hate mail Thursday, Fox News host Neil Cavuto clapped back at his critics, who filled his inbox with personal attacks on everything from his appearance to his health.

The messages were sent as Cavuto spent a short time off the air after lashing out at President Donald Trump for his Helsinki press conference, being one of a handful of conservative cable personalities to take aim at his weak posture and doubt of Russian election meddling.

“A lot of you are still mad at me,” Cavuto said. “I have to tell you that I feel vulnerable. Especially coming in today after being out yesterday. Let’s just say I apparently was not missed.”

Flashing a long list of responses on the screen, Cavuto read the crude remarks, celebrating what some thought was his ouster rather than a day off.

“The chubby chump’s been chucked,” one viewer wrote. “Yippee, no negative Trump bashing from this broadcast fake with the fake hair and the fat neck. Use the time off to atone for your sins and maybe eat a salad.”

Cavuto jokingly called it “hurtful,” explaining that “the camera adds 50 pounds.”

“Odd, Cavuto out only a day after calling our great president out,” another critic wrote. “Mr. Never Trumper is nevermore. Ain’t karma as something, tubby?”

“Yeah, because tubby’s still here,” Cavuto shouted, pointing a finger directly into the camera.

Cavuto acknowledged that while some are irked by his bashing of Trump’s denial of U.S. intelligence and his soft stance toward Russia, he wasn’t buying his backpedaling on the remarks, having found the president’s position to be “very, very clear” in Helsinki.

Replaying part of the press conference, Cavuto reminded the audience of Trump’s support for President Vladimir Putin‘s denial of election interference when he called it “extremely strong and powerful” in spite of American intelligence findings.

“You see, that’s what struck me,” Cavuto said. “Not one word, all those words, all of the fawning.”

Watch the clip above via Fox News.

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