Frank Luntz Accuses Washington Post of ‘Polling Malpractice’ in Massive Wisconsin Whiff: Have to Go to ‘Tremendous Lengths’ to Be That Wrong


Republican pollster Frank Luntz accused the Washington Post of “polling malpractice” after they wrongly predicted Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden would be winning by 17 points in Wisconsin.

On Fox News, Wednesday, Luntz said, “There are people who are calling for investigations of the pollsters who had Joe Biden winning by 10 points, 12 points.”

“The biggest one of all is the Washington post that had — as we’re watching in Wisconsin, a one point lead — the Washington post poll just a few days ago had Joe Biden winning by 17 points,” he noted. “That’s not a mistake. That’s not an error. That’s polling malpractice, and you have to go to tremendous lengths to be able to get something that wrong so close to the election.”

Luntz went on to say, “The fact is the published polling was so wrong, and not just for presidents, but for House races, for the Senate races, that the American people really had no idea that this was going to happen, and you know what? Actually Donald Trump was correct.”

“Donald Trump’s pollsters were correct that this was a much closer election than anybody realized, and we are going through the ramifications of that right now,” he concluded.

With 99 percent of the Wisconsin vote in, Trump is trailing by roughly 20,000 votes — a margin of less than one percent.

Watch above via Fox News.

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