Gingrich: Surveillance Under Obama ‘Most Egregious Abuse of the Criminal Justice in American History’


News broke earlier this week that former Trump Campaign Chairman Paul Manafort was the target of surveillance efforts before and after the 2016 General Election. In the eyes of Fox News host Sean Hannity, this news has vindicated the claim made by President Donald Trump‘s earlier this year that read:

While its not yet clear if surveillance efforts captured any conversations with Mr. Trump, conventional wisdom suggests that he most likely had phone conversations with his campaign manager, and as a result, would have been surveilled though as an incidental target not the primary one. Since Trump’s tweets, this has been a hotly debated topic on cable news — some have called it an outright lie, while others noticed that there was overwhelming evidence.

Predictably, Hannity claimed in his show that  “we now found out that in fact, the president was right,” before pivoting to the “bigger, broader issue here of the unprecedented amount of surveillance of a political opposition candidate” by the Obama administration.

Enter former Speaker and Fox News Contributor Newt Gingrich, who proved a willing relay race member, taking the baton and claiming “this may be the most egregious abuse of the criminal justice process in American history.”  He then added “the country that you and I know is under siege by a deep state which illegally wants to create a very different America and is willing to break the wall and a abuse the law.”

“This is a radically bigger scandal than anything about Russia,” claimed Gingrich, which is almost certainly what viewers of Hannity already believe and want to hear. Is that true? Time will tell, but over the top statements like this almost never turn out to be correct predictions, though they do lead to decent cable news ratings.

Watch the clip above courtesy of Fox News.

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