Glenn Beck Is ‘Totally Cool’ With Jon Stewart’s ‘Rally To Restore Sanity’

After Jon Stewart announced his Rally to Restore Sanity, a march on the Washington Mall inspired by the honor-restoring Restoring Honor Rally Glenn Beck organized in August, many wondered whether the mere idea would peeve Beck, or he’d find imitation the sincerest form of flattery. After an initial flippant comment wishing them luck, Beck explored the topic further on last night’s O’Reilly Factor, where he told the host he was “totally cool” with the idea.

The love between Stewart and Stephen Colbert and Beck and Bill O’Reilly this week has been sky-high, with Stewart’s appearance on the Factor and his later pseudo-olive branch on Oprah, where he called Beck his “money-maker” and indirectly thanked him for paying for his children’s college expenses. Beck didn’t catch the O’Reilly appearance (he was too busy catching reruns of Oprah to watch, naturally), but was happy to hear he was making someone money. “God bless America!” he proclaimed, while O’Reilly tried to devise ways to get a cut of the proceeds from both the fund and just the Stewart and Colbert careers as a whole– “You should really get some money off this Halloweenfest,” he advises Glenn. Where the money will come from seems a bit more suspect; Beck doesn’t think there will be much money at all, until O’Reilly reminds Beck of the pot dealers he suggests will be circling the rally like vultures. “This is going to be good for us,” Beck concluded, though he did also note that “I will be disappointed if less than three million people get there.”

If three million people wouldn’t show up to watch Stewart and Colbert, then the next idea Beck had would certainly do it. Discussing the latest from the world of Andrew Breitbart— film footage of Breitbart confronting confused protesters in Chicago who seem not to know exactly what they are protesting, since they don’t quite recognize Breitbart at first– Beck came up with a real money-maker: “I would like to see Andrew Breitbart and Bill O’Reilly in a cage match.” Maybe Linda McMahon can set that up when she’s a senator.

Beck also took his own stab at defining the amorphous mass O’Reilly constantly refers to as his raison d’etre, “the folks,” for which he received a fair bit of mockery from Stewart when the latter was on The Factor. “The Folks,” according to Beck, are “the normal people… they have ‘jobs.'” Take that as you will.

Beck and O’Reilly’s weekly playtime clip via Fox News below:

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