Beck To Chris Matthews: “You Sanctimonious, Self-Important Balloon Head!”


Yesterday, we said the most entertaining part of Hardball recently has been watching Chris Matthews indulge in his amazement with/obsession with/hatred of Rep. Michele Bachmann and it really has been fun. Now it looks like the reaction to these segments is going to be equally fun as Glenn Beck spent a while on his morning show getting absolutely apoplectic at his 5 o’clock rival in an epic, bitterly sarcastic, screaming rant. God, this stuff is great.

The comments that got Beck the most riled up come from a segment last Tuesday in which Matthews asked why the Tea Party would want “balloon head” Bachmann to represent them after her slightly odd interpretation of American history in which she claimed the nation’s founders worked until they ended slavery (of course, this is interpreting Bachmann’s comments as that the founders only tried to end slavery which is debatable if not just wrong).

Beck began by claiming that Bachmann was actually right because the founders created the three-fifths compromise was created to get the ball rolling on ending slavery. He then began going off into yelling, hyperbole that seemed to straddle a very thing line between mock-anger and anger-anger.

“You, sir, are a balloon head that was taught by a balloon head. And all you did, because you’re a balloon head, was sit in your stupid, balloon head, Ivy League classroom and be indoctrinated by a balloon head and never ever used your balloon head to use an intelligent question of the big balloon head in the tweed jacket.”

Oh man. Do you think Beck’s gonna go after Anderson Cooper too?

Beck was clearly joking a little bit as he then started parodying Liberal outrage over his Rally falling on the anniversary of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “I have a dream” speech (“Do you think Matthews knew he made these comments on the anniversary of the founding of the United Mine Workers?”) and heated rhetoric (“What if a pinhead was watching and decided to pop the balloon head?”) but he was definitely genuinely angry (clearly Matthews has a bad agenda).

Either way, thank the heavens for everyone involved. We will never be bored as long as Glenn Beck, Chris Matthews, and Michele Bachmann remain in front of cameras.

Check out the clip below:

(h/t The Right Scoop)

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