GOP Rep. Calls Trump Admin Troop Drawdown Announcement ‘Nonsensical’: ‘Perfect Recruiting Tool’ for ISIS


Congressman Adam Kinzinger (R- IL) went off on the Trump administration Tuesday for the announcement of a troop drawdown in Iraq and Afghanistan.

A number of Republicans have been vocal expressing concerns about the consequences of the drawdown after reports surfaced in recent days, even including Mitch McConnell.

Kinzinger spoke with Fox News’ Dana Perino and said the announcement is “nonsensical.”

“I’m having a hard time seeing what the difference is between this and the mistake President Obama made to leave Iraq,” he said. “The president’s overarching promise was to destroy ISIS. So leaving Iraq with 2500 troops, leaving Afghanistan with 2500 troops, it sounds like it’s more of a focus on the number than the mission. And that’s a huge concern. If you’re going to have troops engaged in hostile territory, even in peace-keeping operations, the numbers should not be what you concerned with. The mission and the ability to follow through on it should be the top concern.”

After Perino brought up ISIS, Kinzinger said, “ISIS is an idea. And when you give territory, it gives credence and it gives strength to this idea of ISIS, and they can go out and recount. When you give areas for them to plan and to build and to grow and to recruit through, you have a real risk of reconstituting ISIS. And you think about the fact that the prophecy of these extremists believe they are going to face peril but then someday rise up and destroy basically the west, this is like the perfect recruiting tool for ’em. They can go to people that are hopeless and say we’ve done it, we pushed the United States out.”

“I don’t understand why the president who has made the defeat of ISIS a big cornerstone of his campaign is now doing this that could give them a massive victory potentially,” he added.

Perino brought up the Trump argument about ending forever wars and bringing troops home, asking if that’s persuasive to him.

“It’s not persuasive to me. We unfortunately live in a world where we can’t just put up the walls and pretend like the rest of the world doesn’t exist,” Kinzinger answered.

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