GOP Rep. Threatening Impeachment: Obama Using Children Like Saddam Hussein Did To Push His Laws


Another day, another threat of impeachment. This time, the threat is coming from Republican congressman Steve Stockman. Stockman sat down with Greta Van Susteren tonight to explain his outrage over President Obama potentially issuing executive orders on gun control tomorrow. He observed that Obama will be joined by young children tomorrow, comparing the president’s use of children to Sadaam Hussein‘s.

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Stockman said he is putting impeachment on the table as an option to push back against Obama usurping executive power, especially in anticipation of gun control executive orders to be announced tomorrow. He argued such attempts “breaches [Obama’s] authority” and that the Republican party needs to be more forceful in pushing back against the president.

Van Susteren asked Stockman who exactly is on his side in this fight, especially considering the impeachment threat. Stockman said that people are just frustrated that Obama is not obeying the rule of law, promising to take swift action depending on what Obama announces on gun control. He said that his issue is not with executive orders in general, but just executive orders that attempt to circumvent Congress.

Stockman said that he has enough people on his side, telling Van Susteren he is counting her in his corner. Van Susteren laughed it off, saying she has no “dog in this fight.” Stockman ended the interview with an offhand, open-ended remark about Obama bringing children to his announcement.

“He’s even using children, reminds me of Sadaam Hussein when he used kids to…”

Van Susteren told him that was “a bit of a stretch.”

Watch the video below, courtesy of Fox News:


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