GOP Senator Says Biden ‘Would Be Better off Selling Catheters on Late Night TV’ Than Being President


Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) deployed some characteristically colorful language during a discussion on President Joe Biden’s popularity – or lack thereof, even among members of his own party. Some Democratic candidates in this year’s midterm elections have kept the president at arm’s length.

Appearing on Monday’s Jesse Watters Primetime, the senator told guest host Sean Duffy that Biden is ill-suited to the presidency.

“The liberals are bailing on Joe Biden in 2024,” Duffy told Kennedy. “Why so?”

“Some politicians in Washington, D.C – not all of them, but some – care more about their problems than yours,” Kennedy began. “And the thing they want most in the world is to be reelected. Certain members of president Biden’s own party are running from him because they think President Biden will hurt their re-election.”

The senator went on to state, “In my judgment, President Biden has stepped on every rake in the yard. I don’t mean to be unfair, but it’s been cringeworthy. He has mismanaged Congress, mismanaged covid, mismanaged crime, mismanaged the border. mismanaged the Afghanistan, mismanaged the economy, mismanaged inflation, and forfeited America’s energy Independence.”

Kennedy added that Biden appears to believe he’s “doing a swell job,” but stated, “I don’t think most Americans are persuaded. I don’t think the American people hate President Biden. I certainly don’t. But I think a majority of the voters in our country at this juncture think he would be better off selling catheters on late night TV than serving as president of the United States. And those are just the facts.”

Watch above via Fox News.

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