Greg Gutfeld Defends Trump Getting Policy Cues From Fox News: We Have ‘Finger on the Pulse of America’


Greg Gutfeld offered a defense of President Donald Trump making policy based on the advice he hears from Fox News and conservative talk radio, claiming such outlets have their “finger on the pulse of America.”

On The Five Juan Williams criticized Trump for taking cues from talk radio over the shutdown showdown. The president pulled a 180 on wall funding this week after Fox News, Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh loudly protested the short-term funding bill that did not include money for the wall.

“It seems like Donald Trump hears something on Fox News or hears something on talk radio, and that influences his opinion,” Gutfeld said. “You can argue in a way, what he does — and I believe this as somebody who sits here and tries to think about the audience — that what he’s getting a signal from, is what do Americans want.”

“And he gets that from talk radio. He gets it from Fox News. We represent millions of people. So it’s not like ‘Oh I heard Ann Coulter say this, or I heard Jesse say this, or I heard Tucker said this. It’s more like: They have their finger on the pulse of America.”

“But in America, the polls are clear, Americans don’t want this wall!” Williams protested.

“Not true Juan,” Watters shot back.

Latest polling averages from FiveThirtyEight have approval for Trump’s wall hovering around 40% (not great). Most Americans (57%) said they wanted Trump to compromise on the wall to prevent gridlock.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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