Guy Benson Rips Al Franken: I Can’t Believe He’s Getting Away With This ‘Quasi-Apology Nonsense’


On Monday night, Guy Benson had some tough words for Democrats in the wake of numerous sexual harassment scandals.

After criticizing the ongoing turmoil of the Roy Moore campaign, the conversation shifted to Nancy Pelosi‘s interview on Meet The Press, which the political editor called “catastrophic.”

“She ran through defending John Conyers with every sort of excuse in the book,” Benson told Shannon Bream. “She also defended Bill Clinton, who of course was credibly accused of rape, which is an awkward position for her to be in.”

He accused her of “backpedaling,” saying that she “now” believes one of Conyers’ accusers she spoke with.

“It’s awfully tough for the party- the Democratic Party to claim any high ground here when one of their top leaders is going through these gymnastics like we’re seeing from Former Speaker Pelosi,” Benson continued.

They then tackled Sen. Al Franken‘s numerous apology attempts after he was accused by four women of groping.

“He’s just a hugger… He’s a little too warm,” Benson mocked the Minnesota senator. “Seriously?!?”

He slammed Franken for saying he’s “deeply, deeply sorry” for behavior that he “does not recall.”

“He says, ‘Okay, I was wrong to have my hands over the breasts over in the photo of a sleeping woman,’ which he has to say because there’s a picture of it,” Benson continued. “But on the forcible kiss, ‘Oh I remember that differently. Oh these grabbings of rear ends, I get jostled around in chaotic photo ops.’ I’m sorry, who gets jostled around in photo ops to the point that you are accidentally grabbing multiple rear ends? And to pretend this is incidental contact that was misinterpreted by the women, but he respects their interpretation, multiple times with multiple women, who say very unequivocally, ‘He grabbed my butt?'” I mean- I can’t believe he is sort of getting away with this middle ground, quasi-apology nonsense.”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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