Hannity Blasts Media Over Trump Health Presser: ‘They Should Have Their Own Heads Examined’


While President Trump just received high marks for his “excellent” health report, Sean Hannity gave the media low marks for their obsession with the president.

On Tuesday evening’s edition of Hannity, the conservative pundit slammed the way the media handled the White House press conference today where the president’s physician, Admiral Ronny Jackson, took questions about Trump’s health for nearly an hour.

He began by playing clip after clip of reporters grilling the doctor.

Hannity then broke down the health issues Dr. Jackson that have been laid out for Trump including cholesterol and weight. He made light of the health concerns say that “a lot of us” also need to lose a few pounds or lower our cholesterol, before breaking into his next round of press conference footage.

“We have a lot of people in the studio tonight, they’re all laughing,” Hannity said as he himself laughed. “We actually went back and we checked to see if the media ever asked anything close to those kinds of questions about Barack Obama‘s health, or any other president for that matter. The answer, of course, they did not. Now after that frenzied display, members of the media––they should have their own heads examined.”

Hannity likened the media’s obsession with Trump to a drug addiction. “The only thing that gives them their fix is attacking the president, minute by minute,” He explained.

Hannity also found time to pat himself on the back, all while attacking the media. “I tell you media is dead, I told you in 2007. I was more right then I ever dreamed.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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