Hannity on CNN Town Hall Debate: Network ‘Stacked the Deck About Second Amendment Supporters’

Sean Hannity just went all in on CNN’s recent town hall on gun control during his opening monologue, calling it “political theater” and alleging that the network treated Second Amendment supporters unfairly.

Hannity, who repeatedly referred to the network only as “fake news CNN,” called the left “predictable and pathetic” for their repeated insistence on gun control before launching into a tirade against CNN’s forum.

“Facts and differing opinions didn’t matter. CNN stacked the deck against second amendment supporters,” he said. “Fake news CNN, they’re not interested in solutions. It’s all about creating political theater.”

Hannity continued lambasting his rival network, saying the town hall did “nothing to solve the problem” before accusing CNN of trying to script the proceedings, re-airing Stoneman Douglas student Colton Haab telling host Tucker Carlson just that.

NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch joined a panel afterward, decrying her experience at the town hall, listing off all the names she was called and saying she, along with other NRA parents, “didn’t do anything wrong.”

“You’re not doing this because you are getting paid,” Hannity added.

The Fox News host also repeatedly brought up the now-debunked myth that the audience at the event began chanting “burn her” at Loesch.

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