Hannity Tears Into Media Matters For Pressuring Advertisers to Pull Ads From His Show: ‘Liberal Fascism’


Sean Hannity opened his show tonight with a full-scale tear against Media Matters and other liberal media figures putting pressure on his show’s advertisers in response to his coverage of Roy Moore‘s underage sex abuse scandal.

Over the weekend, a campaign spearheaded by Media Matters for America’s Angelo Carusone led to five companies pulling their advertisements from Hannity’s show. One of the companies involved was coffeemaker Keurig, and Hannity previously voiced approval when fans of his posted videos of themselves on Twitter destroying their coffeemakers in support of the Fox host.

In tonight’s monologue, Hannity slammed into MMfA for being “anti-free speech,” “pro-censorship” and leading a “smear campaign” against him. Hannity connected this to the political press by raving about how anyone who doesn’t follow the line of “left wing, destroy-Trump mainstream media” will be targeted by “liberal fascism.”

“They purposefully twist, lie, distort, propagandize, and weaponize whatever is said, whatever other people say, because they want to silence every conservative voice in the country. This is a dangerous time. They have been doing this somewhat successfully for years, and now it’s only getting worse.”

Hannity told his fans to stop with their coffeemaker destruction (noting how hysterical their videos were), and he noted how Keurig’s CEO released a statement saying their decision was not supposed to appear like they were “taking sides.” Hannity went on to accuse MMfA of distorting his comments about Moore and running with a misquote the Fox host has cleaned up, but the media supposedly refuses to acknowledge it.

“They took it out of context, twisted it, diced and spliced, all for political party reasons,” Hannity said.” They would rather be taking [me] out of context to smear, slander and shut me up. They’ve tried this for many years against many conservatives.”

Hannity went on to tout the positive reactions to his interview with Moore last week, and he concluded by saying he will not apologize for allowing the embattled Senate candidate a presumption of innocence, even as MMfA tries to silence conservative voices.

“The allegations against Judge Roy Moore are very serious. We need truth, they need to be investigated. The voters in Alabama deserved the truth before they decide who to cast their ballots for. And as I said Friday, if that means moving back the election, then so be it. Whatever it takes. And if these allegations are true, Judge Moore needs to step aside.”

Here’s how Carusone reacted to tonight’s monologue:

Watch above, via Fox News.

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