‘He’s Pretty Close to Perfect’: Lou Dobbs and Hannity Take Turns Gushing Over Trump


Now, it’s no secret that Fox News host Sean Hannity is an unabashed supporter and champion of President Donald Trump. And Fox Business host Lou Dobbs has pretty much worn his pro-Trump leanings directly on his sleeve. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that when you get these two together, you might be witness to a bit of a Trump lovefest.

And that is just what we got tonight.

As the two conversed about the state of politics, Dobbs highlighted how Trump had done more than any president in recent history in his first 98 days. Meanwhile, he thinks Speaker of the House Paul Ryan needs to step down, saying the Republican leader has “become nothing less than a caricature” and is “inept,” making the case that Ryan is stopping Trump from carrying out his vision.

Hannity weighed in, stating how “frustrating” it is because of the “opportunity that is presented to the country before us to really institute change.” As for Trump, Hannity wanted it to be known that he’s done a really good job of keeping his promises and checking off his list of accomplishments, noting that he’s “not perfect.”

“He’s pretty close to perfect, Sean,” Dobbs jumped in.

“Pretty close,” Hannity responded. “Everything he’s had to do on his own he’s doing.”

“He’s worked his tail off,” Dobbs stated. “Still is. Meanwhile, taking care of national defense, national security, and all the challenges that aren’t on the Trump agenda. I mean, it’s truly remarkable what he is doing.”

And the love continued on throughout the segment.

Go ahead and check out the exchange above, via Fox News.

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