House Intel Dem on Senate Committee Findings: Too Early to Draw Conclusions About Collusion


Congressman Jim Himes, a Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, reacted tonight to the reporting that the Senate Intel Committee has found no direct evidence of Trump/Russia collusion.

Anderson Cooper asked him about the “public spit” between Chairman Richard Burr and Ranking Member Mark Warner.

Himes said there’s still witnesses to speak to and a final report to be written, adding that “the very word ‘collusion’… is subject to a lot of different interpretations.”

“I’m encouraging people to remember that you’ve got three investigations out there––House, Senate, and the Mueller investigation––and it’s probably best that we wait and see what they actually say in their final versions before we get too excited about any potential outcome,” he continued.

Himes emphasized again to Cooper it’s too early to draw any conclusions yet:

“We know there was all kinds of communication back and forth. We know that almost everybody who had that communication lied about it, so at the end of the day, again, I would urge caution here. The facts will out. People will determine whether it rises to the level of collusion when those facts are out. And of course, if we point to things like conspiracy, then, of course, you get into the legal realm about whether anybody needs to be held accountable for that. But it’s too early to draw those conclusions just yet.”

You can watch above, via CNN.

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