Howard Kurtz Defends Trump’s Typos, Rips ‘Condescending’ Media For Mocking Him


President Donald Trump stands at a podium with one of the loudest megaphones in the country. He uses his role as the leader of the free world to share his views, express his sentiments and deride his critics — often done entirely on Twitter, with questionable grammar and countless typos.

It’s the first time in modern American history where a leader has been so careless with their messaging, that tweets and official statements are riddled with misspellings. The media has certainly taken note, occasionally catching the typos in real-time on live television, making for lighthearted humor at Trump’s expense.

That, of course, makes some of the folks at Fox News quite upset.

Howard Kurtz, host of the network’s Media Buzz show, addressed the jokes news anchors and television personalities made this week when Trump sent a series of bizarre tweets, misspelling “Special Counsel” as “Special Council” multiple times.

“Donald Trump isn’t a great speller — that’s pretty obvious from his Twitter feed,” Kurtz began before showing MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski and other commentators making fun of the typos.

“That’s fair game I guess, but doesn’t the tone just sound just a tad condescending? It just seems there might be some more important presidential qualities than being able to win a spelling bee.”

It’s easy to laugh the typos off as simple mistakes, just like it’s easy for TV show hosts to fill up air time making fun of Trump for bad tweets. Still, there’s something to be said about a president who once said he has “the best words,” and often bragged about attending prestigious schools along the campaign trail to the White House.

Trump’s unusual typos have spurred global headlines, including the infamous “Covfefe” tweet posted on May 31 last year. Networks spent the entire week analyzing the message from the president, debating whether there was a secret meaning behind the cluster of letters (there wasn’t).

Watch a clip of Kurtz defending Trump’s typos via Fox News above.

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