‘I Gotta Stay Up On My Alex Jones’: New York Times Reporter Marvels at Our New Reality


Morning Joe welcomed New York Times reporter Jim Rutenberg to the show Tuesday to talk about a recent article and his trip to Russia to study that country’s media landscape. In his piece, A Lesson in Moscow About Trump-Style ‘Alternative Truth.’
Rutenberg called Russia an “alt-right wormhole”

As soon as I turned on a television here I wondered if I had arrived through an alt-right wormhole. Back in the States, the prevailing notion in the news was that Mr. Assad had indeed been responsible for the chemical strike. There was some “reportage” from sources like the conspiracy theorist and radio host Alex Jones — best known for suggesting that the Sandy Hook school massacre was staged — that the chemical attack was a “false flag” operation by terrorist rebel groups to goad the United States into attacking Mr. Assad. But that was a view from the fringe. Here in Russia, it was the dominant theme throughout the overwhelmingly state-controlled mainstream media.

“There is a connection,” said Joe Scarborough.Ann Coulter a couple of days ago said Assad was one of the best leaders in the region … There is a linkage between some people here on the alt right and Russia. They’re saying the same exact thing.”

“You have to wonder, now realizing, I gotta stay up on my Alex Jones is like wow,” said Rutenberg. who said that Russia, despite their newfound annoyance with Trump over Syria, “have to be thrilled” on margin with what Trump is doing.

“Our credibility comes from a free press that vets its president,” said Rutenberg. “You get into an international crisis situation where all news is questionable, there is no truth, it’s our word against there’s. It’s the relativism that Putin thrives on.”

Rutenberg added that watching Russian media seemed like something out of  1984.

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