‘I Kinda Admire It’: The Five Praises Trump’s ‘News Dump’ During Hurricane Harvey


In the midst of a very busy news night, The Five took a moment to applaud the Trump administration for orchestrating a “news dump” during Hurricane Harvey.

Juan Williams mentioned to Ed Henry, who was reporting live outside the White House, that President Trump officially signed the memo that bans transgender people from the military and that he is reportedly leaning towards ending the Obama-era DACA program, both Williams called “politically explosive.”

After confirming the reports, Henry responded with a text that one of Trump’s advisors sent him, saying “Who says the president doesn’t know what he’s doing? He pardons [Sheriff Joe] Arpaio and bans transgenders in the military in the middle of a hurricane.”

“That sounds to me like people around this president get what they’re doing,” Henry added. “This is a news dump. There’s no other way of saying it.”

“Technically, I kinda admire it,” Dana Perino chimed in.

“The president is doing this on purpose,” Kimberly Guilfoyle said. “We knew he was going to do with Sheriff Joe Arpaio, he said it the other night during the rally in Arizona, so he’s gonna give his followers what he’s promised them… and you have North Korea going on, you’ve got Venezuela sanctions, you’ve got all of these things at once, It’s seems to me like it was a good strategy, you know politically, to do this on a Friday night in the middle of Harvey.”

Williams asked Guilfoyle if this news dump was “divisive.”

“No,” she responded. “I think it’s political––and a smart move.”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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