Jake Tapper Presses Ben Carson: ‘You’re Calling for Healing’ While the President Is Retweeting Attacks on George Floyd’s Character


CNN’s Jake Tapper put Ben Carson to the grindstone on Sunday by pressing the secretary of Housing and Urban Development over President Donald Trump’s inflammatory conduct in the midst of America’s social unrest.

Carson joined State of the Union to express his support for the peaceful protests that have taken place throughout the country following the death of George Floyd. As Carson urged the country to use this time to work on reconciliation, Tapper asked him about about Trump recently retweeting a video of two conservative media personalities who went after Floyd’s character and called it sickening that Floyd has become a “martyr” against racial injustice and police brutality.

“I know you didn’t retweet this, but the president did,” Tapper noted. “Does that help the nation heal?”

“What will help the nation heal is if we will engage in dialogue together,” Carson said, avoiding the core of the question. “Let’s not make the solution be a Democrat solution or a Republican solution. Let’s make it be an American solution and recognize that our country is extraordinary.”

As Carson continued to say that Americans cannot “allow ourselves to be manipulated into thinking that we hate each other and destroying ourselves,” Tapper returned to matter of Trump’s amplifying attacks on an African American man who was killed while being placed under police arrest.

“You’re calling for healing, you’re calling for understanding, you’re calling for people to listen to each other, and President Trump is retweeting a video in which people are attacking the character of [Floyd],” Tapper said. “Doesn’t it hurt the country, and this idea we need to have dialogues and conversations and respect each other, when the president is sharing and, in some cases, offering incendiary statements?”

Carson deflected the question by saying Trump will speak more about this in the coming days.

Watch above, via CNN.

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