James Carville: ‘Elizabeth Warren Hates Michael Bloomberg More Than She Wants to Win’


Democratic strategist James Carville called out Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) for using Tuesday night’s Democratic debate to continue her attack on former New York City mayor and 2020 rival, Michael Bloomberg.

“The takeaway is Elizabeth Warren hates Michael Bloomberg more than she wants to win,” Carville said. “I think she doesn’t want to attack Bernie because she’s scared she’ll get primaries in 2024. Her attacks on Bloomberg probably help her raise money, maybe she genuinely dislikes him, but it wasn’t intended to get her any more votes. It was maybe to stay alive a little bit longer.”

While the CBS Democratic debate has been panned by critics as a spectacularly chaotic affair, one of the most consistent narratives of the night was Warren’s ongoing attack on Bloomberg. The quarrel made for moments, including when Warren confronted Bloomberg over his alleged, offensive comments to women, and declared that the Democratic Party “will never trust him.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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