Jemele Hill Rips NFL for ‘Frankly Disgusting’ Hypocrisy About George Floyd Killing: ‘We Saw Them Take Away Colin Kaepernick’s Career’


Sports and culture writer Jemele Hill lashed out at the NFL, calling out the league for “frankly disgusting” hypocrisy after it released a statement calling for action after the George Floyd protests after its alleged, years-long efforts to “take away Colin Kaepernick’s career.”

Speaking with CNN anchor Jake Tapper, Hill, a former ESPN commentator and current Atlantic writer, contrasted the concern the league publicly expressed over the police violence that allegedly murdered Floyd and the notable distance the league put between itself and Kaepernick, who was silently and peacefully protesting that very issue while a QB for the San Francisco 49ers. Last spring, the NFL settled a collusion lawsuit brought by Kaepernick and former Carolina Panthers safety Eric Reid, paying the pair million of dollars to end the legal action that claimed the league intentionally blackballed the two players for being prominent leaders of those protests.

“I also want to ask you about the NFL’s response to George Floyd’s death,” Tapper said. “They issued a statement about it and about the protests.. The NFL wrote: ‘These tragedies inform the NFL’s commitment and our ongoing efforts. There remains an urgent need for action.’ Those words rang hollow for you.”

“Those words were frankly disgusting because we saw them take away Colin Kaepernick’s career for protesting peacefully the types of incidents we’ve seen from Ahmaud Arbery to Breonna Taylor to now George Floyd,” Hill shot back. “The NFL did everything in its power to blackball him, diminish him and erase him. The only reason the NFL even cares about social justice issues is because of Colin Kaepernick. So for them to put out this statement is frankly a slap in the face. It just kind of brings to light just the utter hypocrisy of this league. You can’t be fighting for social justice, allegedly, on one end, but then on the other end be willing to take away a man’s career for speaking out for people who have been brutalized.”

“We saw a lot of politicians today talking about how they have no problem with peaceful protests and many of these politicians were bashing Kaepernick a couple of years ago for his peaceful protests,” Tapper noted.

“It’s the same hypocrisy,” Hill responded. “There’s a lot of people want to get caught up on method, you protest peacefully and they want to say: ‘It’s not the time, or it’s not the venue, or it’s not the place.’ Then they see some of the disturbance and the unrest that we’ve seen over the last couple of days, and now, ‘That”s not the time, that’s not the place.’ So when is the place? Because that’s never the answer that they have for you. They can never answer that question. So when is the time, when is the place? And then we’ll all show up and protest in a manner that’s apparently would be more appetizing to take this issue seriously.”

Watch the video above, via CNN.

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