Jesse Watters Accuses Drudge of Being Anti-Trump: ‘That’s What You Log on to For’


Fox News host Jesse Watters went after The Drudge Report editor Matt Drudge arguing his site is turning against President Donald Trump because it has posted negative headlines.

Watters prefaced the criticism by saying “The Drudge Report is my favorite website … very fair, very aggressive, very bold” before noting it linked to a number of stories that were negative to Trump.

“You know, that’s what you log on to for. I don’t know,” Watters said on Watters World. “But it just seems like the website has recently played up Trump gaffes and downplayed his successes.”

Watters was joined by Fox News media critic Howard Kurtz who said “I have covered Matt Drudge since he was an unknown blogger and at this point in his career he’s primarily interested in clicks and riding the media wave and the media wave you may have noticed Jesse has been largely anti-Trump.”

“There’s just been additional emphasis on some of the negative stories that you would see on other mainstream platforms,” Watters said. “It’s hard to tell whether as you said he’s riding wave for clicks or there’s something personally inside his heart and his mind that has shifted against the president.”

Kurtz argued it would be very hard to cover impeachment without including some news that could be seen as bad for president, which Watters agreed with.

“You know people on the right say ‘we’re going start an alternative to Drudge’ – well good luck with that.” Kurtz said.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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