Jesse Watters: Hillary Clinton Reminds Me ‘Of a Corrupt Dictator’


It’s the start of a new week, and The Five got right to it today by tearing into Hillary Clinton for her recent remarks at a public forum in Arkansas.

Over the weekend, Clinton ripped President Trump for being “obsessed” with her, made fun of his Twitter habits, and expressed wonderment about how he manages to get anything done. Trump recently dished out new Twitter slams against his old rival, and when he got a chance to react, Greg Gutfeld had a few things to say about her suggestion that Bill Clinton‘s presidency wouldn’t have survived if Fox News existed back then. He also mocked Clinton for putting stock in the fact that her husband never tweeted about his White House problems (Twitter also didn’t exist back then).

“By saying FNC wouldn’t have let Bill slide… Hillary exposed the media’s lack of guts while saluting Fox’s,” Gutfeld snarked. “Someone should tell her Twitter wasn’t around back then. What a blind spot she has to think that not tweeting makes Bill a man of sound character.”

As the panel continued to discuss Hillary, Jesse Watters joined the fray by saying Clinton reminded him of “a corrupt dictator that rigs an election and whines that she only gets 90% of the vote.”

“All the newspapers, all the magazines, all the networks [supported her],” said Watters. “If that’s not enough to carry Hillary over the finish line, maybe she didn’t deserve it.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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