comScore Jim Acosta: Think Trump ‘Would Be Humbled' Over Coronavirus

Jim Acosta: You Would Think Trump ‘Would Be Humbled by Being Wrong So Many Times’ on Coronavirus

CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta on Friday evening on Anderson Cooper 360 ripped into President Donald Trump over “being wrong so many times,” while citing the president’s remarks that the coronavirus would pass.

Acosta also added in a jab at the president, stating that at this point one would think he would be “humbled.”

The CNN host referring to the number of potential death from the coronavirus, began, “Jim Acosta, we’re now in a situation if, the models presented at the White House, based on all states doing this, if all states aren’t doing it, models could go up, 100,000 to 240,000 figure could go up.”

“That’s exactly right, Anderson. And that has been the fear expressed by public health officials all along. We know Dr. Deborah Birx expressed this in the briefing yesterday; she said communities just aren’t doing enough.”

Trump and Birx, when “pressed on whether or not they’re sticking with the models that were offered up earlier this week, they were hedging on that answer,” the correspondent stated.

“I think as Sanjay [Gupta] was saying, we don’t know what we don’t know. You would think at this point, Anderson, the president would be humbled somewhat by being wrong so many times.”

Acosta continued, “I pressed him at one point, I said it’s April, you said this was going to be over by April.”

“And he said it is going to be over – he’s just not dealing with the reality of the fact that he’s been wrong, health and scientist experts have been right and he can’t grasp that reality,” Acosta concluded.

Watch above, via CNN.

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