Move Over, Mike Pence! Jimmy Kimmel is Now Convinced Jared Kushner Wrote The NYT Op-Ed


Jimmy Kimmel has jumped ship from the conspiracy theory that Vice President Mike Pence was behind the scathing New York Times op-ed that trashed President Donald Trump.

Yesterday, Kimmel pointed out the speculation that went viral that Pence was the author who penned the op-ed for its use of the word “lodestar,” something the vice president has been heard saying in public quite often. But Pence’s strong denial seems to have convinced the comedian that someone else was the culprit.

Kimmel then sided with Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) and his suggestion for everyone in the White House to take a lie detector test.

“I’m all for it! Give everyone a lie detector test,” Kimmel said. “Ask everyone in the White House staff, ‘Do you think the president is a dangerous idiot?'”

After noting that people are betting that folks like Pence, Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo have written the op-ed, Kimmel told his audience who it really was.

“I already know who it is. I know of the name of the person who wrote this. It’s Jared. It’s Jared Kushner, his son-in-law.” Kimmel declared. “I’ve thought about it all night last night, I’m totally convinced it’s him.”

Kimmel then explained why Kushner was the secret author.

“First off, could you imagine having Donald Trump as a father-in-law?” Kimmel asked. “I mean, looking at you across the table with that orange puss on all the time, judging, resenting you for all the disgusting things he knows what you’re doing with his shiny and beautiful daughter. Everyday you come to work at the White House, your boss has your wife sitting in his lap. It’s a lot to swallow.”

He said the second reason was the name of Kushner’s real estate company is “Cadre,” which means “a group of activists in a communist or other revolutionary organization.”

“‘A revolutionary organization,’ like maybe a member of a secret White House resistance!” Kimmel exclaimed.

Kimmel’s final reason is how Kushner looks at Trump and how he fantasizes “ways to destroy him.”

“Haven’t you noticed that Jared Kushner looks exactly like the most dangerous and notorious spy of all our lifetimes really?” The Elf on the Shelf,” Kimmel quipped. “Jared did it! If there’s one thing we learned from Subway, you can’t under any circumstances trust a man named ‘Jared.'”

Watch the clip above, via ABC.

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