Scarborough Mocks Trump For Exaggerating Polling Numbers Minutes After Morning Joe Covered His Plummeting Approval


Morning Joe made fun of President Donald Trump’s Friday morning tweet that appeared to give himself an extra 15% approval rating from the Republican party.

Just minutes after the MSNBC morning show reviewed poor poll numbers from a recent AP-NORC poll that showed only 36% approval/62% disapproval ratings, the President seemed to react by tweeting big approval numbers from the GOP. Trump tweeted:

Just after Trump tweeted, Joe Scarborough referred to President Trump as “the most loyal viewer,” before noting how the Commander in Chief “didn’t appreciate us spending so much time on his weak poll numbers. And now is tweeting that he actually is very popular among Republicans.”

After Willie Geist reiterated the poor polling numbers that seemed the root of Trump’s tweet, Scarborough ridiculed the president (shocker!) for exaggerating his numbers by 15%.

“I know this will shock people that have watched this show and followed the president’s Twitter timeline, but actually he’s at 79% among Republicans. But I — but 15% here, 15% there. But I have got to say, 79% among Republicans, that’s still pretty good, but that and a quarter won’t even get you in line at a Starbucks come next November. It will be bad.”

He then noted that, given all that is known about President Trump, 79% is a remarkably high number for his “Republican brothers and sisters” before calling them out for, you know, the thing that he always calls them out for.

Watch above via MSNBC.

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