John Avlon Buries Trump Campaign’s ‘Unhinged’ Accusations: ‘Trying to Kill Confidence in our Democracy Through Disinformation’


CNN’s John Avlon ripped through President Donald Trump and his allies for the lies and frivolous lawsuits they’re advancing to dispute the 2020 election, in his latest “Reality Check” for CNN’s New Day.

Avlon began by saying Trump’s effort to challenge the election isn’t surprising, given that the president refused multiple times to say if he would respect the election results or facilitate a peaceful transfer of power. After that, he ran clips of White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany to show her flip-flopping on allegations of voter fraud.

“It’s not just the hypocrisy,” Avlon said. “It’s that with Biden winning a much more convincing victory than Donald Trump in 2016. Now Team Trump is trying to kill confidence in our democracy through disinformation which many of his supporters believe.”

After dissecting numerous bits of false information from Trump over the last few days, Avlon turned to the Trump campaign’s legal strategy, starting with Rudy Giuliani’s widely-mocked “Four Seasons” fiasco.

After noting that Giuliani’s first witness at his press conference was a convicted sex offender, Avlon then explained that the Trump campaign’s legal efforts and attempts to provide evidence of fraud have already seen multiple setbacks. Avlon continued by pointing to the evidence against the existence of widespread fraud, and he warned “we can’t entirely ignore this because the president and his minions are trying to overturn election results while crippling confidence in our system. And now, many Republicans are putting party over country by enabling his insult to the peaceful transfer of power.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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