John Kerry Reacts to NYT Op-Ed: ‘What It Really Means is We Don’t Have a President’


On Wednesday night, former Secretary of State John Kerry weighed in on the New York Times op-ed written by someone from the #Resistance within the Trump White House.

Appearing on The Late Show, Kerry began by saying the op-ed “scares the Hell” out of him.

“There is a reassurance. It means that for James Buchanan, he’s no longer the worst president,” Kerry joked.

Stephen Colbert asked Kerry if anyone tried doing things like stealing documents from the president’s desk during the Obama administration, which he flatly said “no.”

“What it really means is we don’t have a president,” Kerry told Colbert. “We have a president who’s there, but he is not capable of doing the job or living up to the responsibilities. And that– you can imagine what people all around the world are reading. I got some emails today from abroad, friends of mine did, saying, ‘What’s going on? What’s happening in the United States of the America? You’re the leader of the free world. But we have serious doubts about what is happening in your country.’ It’s really scary.”

“Let me be blunt about it… You’re not supposed to have people stealing things off the deck of the president. You’re not supposed to have a resistance in the White House to prevent your president from breaking the law or doing something irrational and dangerous. You’re not supposed to do that,” he continued. “And what should really trouble everybody- and it troubles me that it doesn’t trouble certain people- is that members of the United States Senate and the House who take an oath of office to defend the Constitution and defend the United States of America are actually defending their own power, defending their own positions, and they’re not defending the Constitution or the institution of the Senate. They’re defending party and president. And that’s wrong.”

Watch the clip above, via CBS.

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